How To Take The Perfect Summer Bath At Home?

How To Take The Perfect Summer Bath At Home?

Is the summer heat getting to you? We know. And the worst part is that either your vacation is over or it can’t come soon enough so that you can cool yourself off in the sea. And who wants to drag themselves to the pool through this heat? So, how can you cool off? It’s simple – take a bath!

No, not the warm steamy one – we don’t want you to feel even hotter on this heat. Rather than that, we are giving you a step by step guide to taking the perfect summer bath at home to help you cool yourself off. Here is how to do it:

How tto take the perfect summer bath at home
Step 1: Preparation is the key!

Take every product and accessory that you will need into a box and bring it with yourself into your bathroom. Making constant trips from the bath to your room because you want to use a product that you thought was already in the bathroom will only make you feel the heat even more.

So, instead of running around to gather your things in the middle of the bath, take the nearest empty box and fill it out with everything that you might need.

Extra Tip: Choose products that have a cooling effect to cool yourself off even further.

Step 2: Cold water is a must

A cold bath can help jolt your mind and immediately leaves you revived and ready. It sharpens your focus and helps you complete tasks more easily. Not only that, but it also makes your skin healthier! Read more here. For your cold bath, experts suggest the temperature to be somewhere between 20°C and 30°C.

However, if you need to cool off a bit more, then you can make the water a little colder than that. Soaking for at least 30 minutes into cold water won’t only make you feel cooler in the summer, but it will also reduce your core temperature, making your whole body colder.

The key is to relax. However, if your bathtub isn’t the most comfortable one, then we recommend to get yourself a bath pillow, and cool yourself off while you relax in your bath!

Step 3: Bringing out the luxury spa at home experience

If you’d like to give yourself the whole deal, then we have a few tricks to bring out the luxury spa experience at home, without causing extra heat.

No candles!

Even though they create the best atmosphere, we are sorry to say but, no candles! In this heat, candles will add to the heat in your bathroom, especially if it’s a smaller one - and who wants that?  So, set aside your candles for cooler days.


There isn’t anything as relaxing as a good aromatherapy session with essential oils. However, in the summer heat, warm water is off which means adding them to your bath water won’t make them evaporate and there are no candles to put a few drops in them. So, how exactly can you enjoy an aromatherapy session?
Before you go into the bath, or while you are having your bath, take a few drops from the essential oil of your choice and start gently massaging your wrists, hands, ankles, and feet. Not only will you feel relaxed instantly, but also part of the essential oils will start to evaporate from the heat of your skin, and the other part will soak in your skin – making you smell divine for the whole day!

Cold Towels

Instead of soaking a few towels in warm water, as you’d usually do in the winter, soak a few smaller towels in cold water. Place one at the back of your neck, and two on the length of your shoulders to quickly cool yourself off.

Cool Eye-Care

Forget the cucumbers if you have very tired eyes and under-eye bags! Instead of cool yourself off and say goodbye to tired eyes with the power of chamomile. Yes, you heard that right!
Cooled chamomile tea bags will help you to relax, and cool yourself off. Here are what you need to do: boil chamomile tea bags in milk. Then refrigerate them until they are cool. Then place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, and enjoy your bath.

Refreshing drinks only!

Now, what kind of luxury spa experience at home would you be giving yourself if you didn’t have the right drinks for the occasion? We recommend you skip on the alcoholic beverages, but if you do like to indulge yourself then a glass of sparkling white wine or a beer are the perfect choice for cooling yourself off.
However, we recommend that you prepare something more refreshing for yourself like a bottle of ice-cold lemonade, or if you have a sweet tooth a berry smoothie. Our favorite one is a handful of berries, one banana and lots and lots of crushed ice!

After your soak in the bath is done, all you need to do is wrap yourself in the soft embrace of your bath towel. However, don’t linger – especially if it’s a bulky one because that will only bring back the heat. Instead, use a thinner towel like a hammam towel to dry yourself off faster.
We hope you will enjoy your perfect summer bath at home!
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