5 Reasons Why Hammam Towels Are Better Than Regular Towels

5 Reasons Why Hammam Towels Are Better Than Regular Towels

Have you been wondering why you should switch to hammam towels? Your current bath towels might be more trouble than they are worth, and you might not be even realizing it! So, why should you bother with towels that only cause trouble for you, when you can switch to hammam towels? Here are 5 reasons why hammam towels are better than regular towels:

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1. Hammam Towels Don’t Shed

There are many towels out there that offer luxury. Sometimes it’s all a big scam, and sometimes they were okay at first but over time, they didn’t fare too well. Those big bulky towels, that offered you a soft embrace to relax in after a harsh long day, have turned into another nightmarish task. We are talking of course about shedding.

When big bulky towels start to shed, it’s never pleasant. Your bathroom turns into a mess, from floors to make up setup and mirrors. Some towels shed so much that their fibers get stuck on your wet skin. Instead of relaxing after your bath, you just end up cleaning the bathroom which when collecting fibers that have gotten wet is never an easy task. And that just undoes any relax time that you had on your own! Sounds familiar? If it does, don’t sacrifice your relax time anymore. Just switch to hammam towels because they will never shed!

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Original hammam towels are made in Turkey for a very specific reason – the Turkish have a special tight weaving technique and special Turkish luxurious cotton for creating hammam towels. The Turkish cotton allows for longer fiber to be created for weaving the material into a towel. The combination of the long fibers of luxurious cotton being tightly flat-woven into a hammam towel makes hammam towels shed-proof. So, instead of relaxing and then pulling fiber from the bathroom when you are done, get yourself a hammam towel and relax before and after your bath.

2. Softer With Every Wash

When you receive a hammam towel, the first thing that you will notice is how soft they are. This is because original hammam towels are created by one of the most luxurious types of cotton in the world – Turkish cotton. Sure, your regular terry towels were soft when they arrived too, but after every wash, they became cruder and cruder. How will hammam towels fare over time?

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Although they are already very soft, to begin with, hammam towels get softer and softer after every wash. Because of the high quality of the cotton, once it starts absorbing water, the hammam towels will become softer and more absorbent with every wash. The trick is, to wash them before using them without adding softener. Then all you have to do is to enjoy in their soft embrace.

3. Hammam Towels Are Lightweight & Space Saving

Hammam towels are very large towels with a size of 37x70 inches. With a size like that, you must be wondering just how much space are you supposed to make in your closet for these towels – right? Not to mention how much such a towel would weigh… Now, don’t jump to conclusions! Even though hammam towels are pretty large, they are also made with a special flat-woven technique that makes them incredibly light.

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All in all, when you fold them they take up the space and weight of a folded t-shirt. Can you imagine that? You will never again have to worry about fitting your towels in your closet! Or your suitcase for that matter.

Don’t you just hate it when you put your bulky towel in your carry on and it takes half of the space in your suitcase? By being so lightweight, and space-saving hammam towels are a perfect addition to any trip without taking up precious space in your suitcase. Or weight for that matter. No more nail-biting when they weigh your suitcase at the airport!

4. Sand Doesn’t Stick To Them

Speaking of trips, one of the best trips is when you are going on your well-deserved summer vacation – right? You spend the whole year waiting for the moment to hit the glorious beach you have been dreaming off.

And then, when you get on that beautiful, sandy beach, that looks like heaven, that somehow it’s not as fun as you thought it would be. Yes, the sandy beach looks amazing – but when sand gets stuck on your towel, you realize that slowly but surely it will find its way everywhere. Regular beach towels always have sand stuck on them no matter how much you try to shake it off and get rid of it. From your towel to your beach bag, and from there to your room.

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And from then on, on everything you brought. However, you can avoid this issue completely with hammam towels. They are sand-proof! The high-quality Turkish cotton, tightly flat woven by the masters of weaving in Turkey doesn’t allow any gaps for sand to sneak in and stick to. Not only that but because of the very nature of the cotton, sand only slides off hammam towels. Pretty handy and useful, right?

5. They Are Perfect For The Whole Family

Hammam towels are very large and they can be used by anyone in your family. Even your youngest ones! Because of the softness and high quality of the luxurious Turskish cotton, hammam towels are perfect to be used even on the softest baby skin. So why wait? Get rid of those bulky towels that cause only trouble, and welcome hammam towels into your life! You can check out our hammam towels here.

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