Things to do while you are taking a bath

Most of the time, it gets pretty boring when you take a bath. Yes, it is refreshing after taking a bath but sometimes, you do not know what to while you are in there. People who are on the go may find it inconvenient if they take a bath without doing something else. Sometimes, it may be overwhelming for students who have to finish a few of their homework but they still choose to procrastinate by taking a bath instead of actually finishing what they have to. Or you are an adult trying to relax but you can’t keep your monsters at bay so you have to keep yourself distracted. There is no need to worry, this post will give you a few suggestions on what you can do while taking a bath.

  1. You sound better when you are in your bathroom right? Singing while taking a bath can also reduce stress. This is also a good exercise for your lungs since you inhale more oxygen repeatedly. Another benefit of singing while taking a bath is it may help oxygenate your blood. This may impact not just your stress level, but it may also lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. Just like any other skill when you practice it over and over, singing while taking a bath can also help your singing voice sound better.
  2. Just like stated earlier, students tend to procrastinate when they feel overwhelmed with a pile of homework that are needed to be finished on a specific time. It is ok, nobody is judging you. Being a student can be stressful at times. But is it ok if you do your homework while you take a bath? There is no rush, just do them one at a time. If it gets stressful, there is no need to panic just stop for a few minutes, close your eyes and take a few deep breathes then continue with your homework. Just a little reminder: do not dunk your homework in your bath if you get frustrated.
  3. If you are just an adult, who tends to get overwhelmed with bills, friends, and work. You can write while taking a bath. There is no need for it to be perfect, just write down your thoughts, what stresses you out, what makes you happy and relaxed, or maybe you can write down your grocery list, if you have a lot to do the next day, write it. That way it will help your mind be at ease and keep you organized and focused on what you should do.
  4. Listening to something. Whether it is a podcast, audiobook or the radio, listening to something while taking a bath is more relaxing. You will learn something and you will feel less lonely if you listen to other’s stories.
  5. Drink something. A calming tea such as chamomile, lavender, green tea or black tea is a pretty neat drink for while taking a bath. A glass of your preferred alcohol beverage is also good. This will help you get sleepy after taking a bath.
  6. Talk to yourself. This might like you are a person who has gone mad but sometimes talking to yourself if you have a problem make you feel better. Or maybe talking yourself to buy that shoes you have always wanted but felt too guilty for indulging your luxury. Basically, talk to yourself while taking a bath will make you feel less guilty into doing things that would make you feel bad. No one is going to judge you in there, after all it is your alone time. Unless you have a pet, they might judge you a little for talking to yourself.
  7. Binge your favorite show. It is more fun if you watch your favorite sitcom or favorite drama show while taking a bath. Just please be careful with your beloved electronics. Binge watching while taking a bath might be fun but you do not want to be stressed if you accidentally dunk your phone in your bath. So either be cautious or buy yourself a bath caddy.
These are a few suggestions for you to do if bathing alone gets boring.