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10 Everyday Items To Draw A Luxurious Bath At Home

Have you always wanted to draw yourself a luxurious bath, but somehow the ingredients for it seemed a little too expensive for your taste? Don’t worry, because you can draw a luxurious bath for yourself at home with the help of everyday ingredients that you probably have laying around in your home already. Simply adding one ingredient can completely change the whole atmosphere while taking a bath, inducing relaxation and soothing effects for your skin! Wondering what you can add to your bathwater? We’ve prepared a list of our favorite 10 everyday ingredients that can soothe your skin just for you: Honey It is one of the only foods in the world that don’t spoil, and it’s a nourishing food....

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7 Benefits Of Turning Taking A Bath Into A Self-Care Ritual

Taking a bath is one of the most relaxing ways to soothe yourself after a busy day. However, you can also transform your bath, and upgrade your whole bathing experience by turning your baths into self-care rituals. Here is why turning your bath into a self-care ritual is beneficial for you: 1. Taking the time for yourself If you are leading a busy lifestyle, you are probably not paying a lot of attention to yourself. Whether you are too busy, or you just feel like spending time by yourself is just wasting time, you probably spend very little time by yourself. And that shouldn’t be the case. You need to take some time off from each day, to process your...

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How To Have An Autumn Detox Bath At Home?

Now that autumn is here, the temperatures will slowly drop lower and lower. It’s the perfect time to take a nice, long, relaxing bath! However, instead of the regular baths that you have been taking, we recommend to start taking a detox bath this autumn – it’s the perfect time to do so! Here is why is autumn the perfect time to take a detox bath and how to take a detox bath at home: Why is autumn the perfect time to take a detox bath? 1. Flu season is starting As the temperature gets lower, it’s quite easy to catch a cold or the flu. The colder it is, the more viruses appear in the air, because it’s the...

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