Staycation ideas at home

If you just need to get away from it all but don't have the funds or vacation time to take a big family vacation, consider a staycation instead. Sometimes it feels even more luxurious to just languish in your own home, avoiding your responsibilities, foregoing pants, and spending your time however you dang well please. Whether you have a significant other to hole up with or you take some time to really treat yourself solo, these staycation ideas will help you live your best life even if you're on a tight budget. A staycation has always been a great option for taking some time off and unwinding without having to get on a plane or break the bank. The concept has now become more prevalent, with stay-at-home orders in place in many states. It is increasingly hard to feel like being at home is a relaxing escape, because so often now home is work, and home is restaurant, and home is school. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time off and relax. There are still many ways to give yourself a break even if you are just in the comforts of your own home!

  1. Have a spa day! Two words: Spa day. While relaxing spa vacations seem to pop up all over the 'gram these days, many local spas have one-day packages that can be much more affordable. To get even more bang for your buck, grab a few face masks, some mani-pedi supplies, and invite a friend over for a DIY spa day. Your first stop on your vacation should absolutely be a spa day. You are ragged. You are worn down. Take some time to do whatever types of personal maintenance you indulge in when you have the time. Do your nails, steam your face, blow out your hair. Do not allow yourself to sit around and feel gross. This is not regular gross time — this is vacation time.
  2. Fill pitchers with water and cut fruit. Probably the most luxurious thing I’ve ever encountered on vacation were enormous pitchers of water with watermelon chunks, or orange slices, in them around the pool at a hotel in Miami. Very refreshing. You never flavor your water with fruit at home. This will make you think you really are in a vacation and it may also be a good way to detox your body.
  3. Try new exercise routines. Get your blood pumping by trying out a new dance or exercise class. If you belong to a gym, sign up for one of the classes you've never tried before. If not, many offer a trial period or one-off classes. You could also search for dance classes or other activities at your local community center, or even try a new exercise app at home. Recreate at least part of those lush yoga retreats in faraway locations without leaving your living room. Infuse some ice water with citrus and cucumber slices, unroll your yoga mat in your living room, turn on some online yoga tutorials, and spend plenty of time in shavasana. If you've never done yoga before, stick to simple poses so you don't accidentally injure yourself.
  4. Indoor camping and indoor picnic can also make a good staycation idea.  Put on a YouTube video featuring serene bird-sound effects. Chill a refreshing beverage. Eat on a blanket on the floor. Similar to having an indoor picnic, but this time you sleep in a tent and listen to a cricket sound effect on YouTube, or maybe a crackling fire. Even when you can't get away for a wilderness camping trip, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the great outdoors right in your own backyard. Get out the camping gear or borrow a tent if you don't have one, make s'mores (use the microwave if your area prohibits campfires), and tell some spooky stories with a flashlight. Who needs a campground?
  5. You can never go wrong with a movie night during your staycation. Going to the movie theatres can be expensive. If you’re trying to save money, why not enjoy a movie night at home? This can be a fun staycation idea during lockdown. You can pick a theme, such as Night at the Oscars or have a Harry Potter marathon. The possibilities are endless!