Simple Tips To Make Raw Bamboo Products Last Long

A raw bamboo product is free of chemicals and toxins which are used to quickly seal the product and make the surface smooth. As it is untreated,  your natural bamboo product requires proper care to ensure that it stays durable and lasts long.


Unlike other companies, we refuse to apply harmful surface sealants or chemicals on our bamboo products. Thus, you may see natural fibers on your newly purchased, raw bamboo product. Do not fret! It is not unusual to see fibers on raw, untreated bamboo. All you have to do is season the product with oil to remove these stray fibers.  


Below are some tips on how to properly oil season your raw bamboo product:


  • Season your raw bamboo product with oil after buying it. Seasoning is the process of applying oil onto the surface of bamboo (or other wooden) products to create a natural, protective finish or seal. Oiling prevents your raw bamboo product from splitting, drying out and absorbing food odors, among others.

  • Oil your newly purchased, raw bamboo product for seven consecutive days with walnut oil. It is imperative that you use food-safe oil for seasoning. One of the highly recommended oil for this type of task is walnut oil. Prior to the creation of harmful industrial chemical sealants, walnut oil was utilised  in sealing and protecting wood. (Click here to view our complementary Walnut Oil Spray for bamboo and other wooden kitchen products.)

  • DO NOT season you raw bamboo with mineral oil. While it is a common practice nowadays, seasoning bamboo or any wooden kitchen product with mineral oil is not something we recommend. This is primarily because mineral oil is a petroleum by-product. Naturally, we do not want this by-product getting mixed in your food!

  • Using your new bamboo product during the seasoning process IS NOT PROHIBITED.You don’t have to wait until the entire seasoning process gets done for you to use your product. You may utilise it at anytime during the oiling process. Just schedule the seasoning after using or washing it.

  • For maintenance purposes, season your bamboo product when it gets dry or rough. After the initial oil seasoning process, you need to observe maintenance seasoning at least once a month or when your product becomes dry or rough. Doing this is a surefire way of ensuring the longevity of your product.



  • Keep your bamboo product in an upright position after washing or oiling it. Letting your product stand on its edge after washing prevents it from getting soaked in water which can be harmful for the bamboo. Meanwhile, keeping it in an upright position after oiling ensures that the product absorbs the oil.

  • Never use the dishwasher to clean your bamboo product. You do not need the dishwasher to clean your product. All you need to do is wash it in warm water with the aid of a soft cloth and a gentle dishwashing soap. After cleaning, keep it in an upright position and wait for it to dry.

  • Oil your bamboo product when it starts feeling dry or rough. As mentioned earlier, doing this helps keep your product in great condition and prevents splitting (even breaking) which is often brought about by drying.
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