Several Health Benefits Of Taking Long Baths

The prevailing notion is that a long bath is merely an unwinding activity where you can cleanse yourself and at the same time, have some “me time”. Unknown to many, a long soak in the tub is more than just an unwinding activity; it actually offers several physical and psychological health benefits.  Listed below are some of these benefits.

Improves blood circulation

Long baths are noted to improve  cardiovascular health, specifically the circulation of blood. Multiple studies show  that taking long baths in hot-to-warm water normalizes blood pressure. It facilitates the even distribution of blood across the body. These benefits are primarily the result of blood vessels dilating due to the warmth of the long bath, which consequently leads to an  improved blood flow in the body.

Minimizes stress and anxiety

For quite some time now, long baths have been popular amongst those who are suffering from unbearable stress and anxiety. In fact, the absence of scientific studies to support claims that this activity reduces stress and anxiety hasn’t deterred people from engaging in it when the situation calls for it. Recently, however, an evidence has been presented to support this longstanding belief. It suggests that long baths help reduce stress and anxiety and improve  mental health. The scientific explanation behind this is that taking a long bath with warm water (ideally with some bath salts or oils) triggers the release of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps you fall asleep.

Provides relief for muscular and joint pain

If you are an athlete suffering from a muscle injury or a person experiencing muscle and/or joint pain, a long bath can give you relief. There are findings which show that a long bath with hot water relaxes muscles on a very deep level. It also prevents ‘knotting’ - which typically takes place in conditions like plantar fasciitis. Studies further show that, alternatively, you can simply immerse the injured area in warm water for 15 – 20 minutes and still get the same positive result.

Aids in weight loss and lowers blood sugar levels

Taking long baths can also help you lose weight! There are studies suggesting that this popular de-stressing activity reduces blood sugar levels, which consequently contributes to weight loss. In one study, results showed that those who took 30-minute long baths, six days a week lost over two pounds per month as compared to those who didn’t take long baths. So, if you are looking for an easy and relaxing way to shed those extra pounds, why not try this?

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