Pros and Cons of Rain bath

Pros and Cons of Rain bath

In some parts around the world, the rainy season has begun. The rainy season, also known as monsoon season cools down tropical countries. As adults, we now hate the rainy season because it would get our shoes wet. Not just our shoes but sometimes the rain would also get our clothes wet. Rainy season is also equal to flu. The more you get wet with rain, the more prone your to getting sick. But remember when you were younger and when it starts to rain, sometimes you and your friends would go out and just play. If we are stuck at home because of the heavy rain pouring outside, it would take us back to our carefree childhood days. Bathing in the rain has its own set of health and skin benefits. So, the next time you get wet in rain, keep fretting at bay and enjoy yourself to the core. If you are still fretting to dance in the rain, then read ahead to know about its amazing health benefits. Just like anything else, taking a bath in the rain has its disadvantages. We will get to discuss that too so keep reading.

Advantages or Pros of Rain Bath

Relieve rashes and acne. Heat and dirt during the sticky summer season can give rise to painful rashes. Sweat is the main contributor of skin problems during the hot weather. What’s better than giving yourself a break from the heat by indulging in a cool rain bath? Rain baths not only cool your body down but also treat rashes. It is a proven fact that rainwater balances the temperature of your skin and gets rid of summer rashes. Washing the face and body with rainwater helps to cleanse the skin more effectively, washing away the bad bacteria that cause pimples and boils. Alkaline pH helps with inflamed pimples and boils, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

Healthier hair. Rainwater helps to clean your hair naturally. The alkali found in the shower can clean the dirt and impurities from the roots of your hair. Bathing regularly in the rain makes your hair look brighter. After bathing in the rain, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

You can get Vitamin B12. Rainwater is very light and has a pH alkaline. It has the power to refresh your mind in a jiffy. Rainwater contains microorganisms which have the capacity to produce vitamin B12 as a metabolic byproduct of their activity. If you wish to get the vitamin, you can bathe in the rain safely for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you quickly have a shower with a proper soap after getting drenched, in order to clean yourself. 

Improve hormonal balance. Bathing is a great way to balance your body’s hormones. In addition, your ear problems can be cured by it. It treats ear infections and relieves your ear pain. But spending too much time in the rain can also make you sick, so take a short bath in the rain. After getting wet in the rain, take a bath with hot water.

Rain bath can make you happy. Bathing in rain releases happiness hormones, such as endorphins and serotonin. These hormones relieve tension and instantly make you happy. Bathing in seasonal rains is a must, if you wish to give yourself a break from the worries of the world. 

Disadvantages or cons of Rain bath.

First rain. When the monsoon season starts, avoid taking bath in the first rain. Since the water of the first rain contains pollutants that might harms your hair, skin and basically it might harm your health. Make sure you skip the first rain of the season, as it will bring some impurities along with it. As the season progresses, you can safely bathe in the rain. So, the next rain will make you step in the rain and get properly soaked.

Taking a bath in the rain is seasonal. Just like any other season, rainy season or monsoon season will come and go. So, take a break from what is giving you stress and take a rain bath before the monsoon season is over. And do it all over again next year.


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