Pros and Cons of cold water bathing

Pros and Cons of cold water bathing

Summer season is coming upon us and it is getting warmer outside. And of course, taking a bath is one way to cool down your entire body during this season. It is a good feeling to take a cold water bath during this season but just like any other thing, taking a cold water bath too often has bad effects on your body. But you do not need to worry; cold water bathing also has good effects on your body. This blog post will state both pros and cons of cold water bathing to help you be aware of how much you should do it.

Let us start with the cons or disadvantages of cold water bathing.

  • Cold water bathing will make you feel colder if you live in low temperature areas making it high risk for hypothermia.
  • If you are feeling under the weather, taking a cold water bath is a bad idea because it will be hard for your immune system to fight of your cold of flu.
  • If you are used to taking a warm water bath, a sudden change in to taking a cold water bath might restrict your blood vessels; making it hard for you to breath.
  • If you already have an existing heart condition. Cold water bathing might not be a good idea. With blood vessels restricting, your heart rate and blood pressure will potentially go higher and this could potentially cause a stressor on the heart.
  • If you have existing mental health condition such as bipolar or borderline personality, you should not use cold water bathing as an alternative for your mental health treatment. There are studies that state cold water bath can help increase the production of endorphins but it is still better to seek professional help than relying in cold water bathing.

Now, let us discuss the benefits or pros of taking a cold water bath.

  • Cold water bath can relief itchy skin. Your nerves can’t transmit multiple sensations at a time. So if you took a cold water bath, your body or your nerves will tend to react on the cold sensation instead of the itch.
  • After taking a cold water bath, you might feel you skin tightening. There is no significant long term dermatological benefit to this but cold water bathing will give you a short time of tightened pores letting you have a glass skin effect.
  • There are a couple of studies stating that taking a cold water bath will ease pain or help your body relax after a workout. It helps relieves muscle tension making it good for athletes to take a cold water bath after an intense game.
  • Cold water bath can help you feel better, mentally. Although seeking professional help for your mental health condition is highly recommended, taking a cold water bath will give you a temporary relief to your stress. This will also signal your brain to be alert and awake. So cold water bathing is good if you feel a little groggy after a long night.
  • Cold water bath may help your body lose weight. There are some fat cells, called brown fat that can generate heat by burning other fats. This is triggered when your body is being submerged in cold water.
  • Taking a cold water bath can give you glowing skin. Since cold water does not dry off your sebum layer, a natural lubricated barrier to your skin, this will leave your skin glowing even after taking a bath.
  • Cold water bath helps increase the creation of endorphins in your body. Just like stated earlier, cold water bath will give your body a jolt giving your brain a signal that you are awake. Your brain will also release endorphins in this process.
  • Another benefit of cold water bathing is it helps you boost your metabolism. Research on how taking a cold water bath can actually boost your metabolism is still unclear. But people with obesity taking at least 2 or 3 cold water baths a week can help boost metabolism over time. Of course it will work better with a healthy lifestyle.
If you like warm water bath better, it would be good for your body to switch it up to cold water bathing but do not do it all of a sudden. Ease your body to it.
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