Moon bathing

Moon bathing

It is the new year! Right now, everybody is excited for a new start. A good way to cleanse and recharge your spiritual side is to take a moon bath. Taking a Moon bath, particularly between the new moon and the Full moon, is an effective way to soothe and cool excess of heat, anger and imbalances from the body’s system and it is said to be an aid on many disease treatments. So, let’s walk you through moon bathing.

What is moon bathing? Moon bathing is like sunbathing. Literally: sit, lay down or sprawl out in your preferred position beneath the moon light. You can do it naked or clothed. You can take a walk-in moonlight. Basically, it is consciously exposing yourself to moonlight — sometimes with an intention or ritual, or to just soak up her light. Alternatively, you can create a moon water bath in your tub. This is done by infusing a big bowl of water in the moonlight (simply place it outside beneath the moon for an hour or so) and then pouring this water into a bathtub already full of water. Now you can soak in the moon water.

What is the benefit of moon bathing? In Ayurvedic literature — from India and some of the oldest written works in the world— moon bathing is prescribed for medicinal purposes. Specifically, it helps to cool any heat in the body, which can cause maladies such as rashes, hives, and migraines. Bathing in the soft light can calm anxiety and stress. Not surprisingly, given the correlation between women’s menstrual cycles and the moon, it is also used to increase fertility and for hormonal regulation for women specifically. Whether or not you want to experiment with treating physical ailments, moon bathing also has other emotional and spiritual benefits. It is a beautiful way to drop in and connect with our great, glowing orb of the night. Feel her subtle and reflective energy. You can use your moonlight soak as a ritual for getting quiet and going inward. You can set an intention, say a prayer, or simply relax utterly into the present moment. The moon is both very calming and inspiring — though it may depend on the phase! Full moons can bring out a more exciting energy, while new moons are more introspective. Experiment with the different phases to see if you notice a difference. Perhaps the moon will inspire some vivid dreams or help release some deep-seated emotional sediment. 

How to moon bath using water? Moonlight and water seem to belong together — part of the same family. After all, the moon pulls the oceans, creating the tides. And both are associated with the emotional world. Perhaps this is why combining the two is so synergistic. There are lots of ways to combine the two — here are a few: Infuse water with moon light for one hour, mixing in honey and herbs of choice (rose petals or mint are lovely). Sip on the moon water while absorbing the moonlight. Soak in water beneath the moon. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor tub (or somewhere you can place a great, big, human-size bucket) or access to a thermal spring, you can enjoy the harmonious experience of soaking in water and moonlight at once. If soaking outdoors isn’t suitable, then consider the option of infusing your water for one hour beneath the moon before transporting it to an indoor tub. It will still hold the energy of the moon! You could also add herbs like lavender or calendula, along with salts and oils for a decadent experience. Sit beside wild water in the moonlight. You needn’t necessarily soak in the water to experience the benefit. Sitting beside the ocean under a full moon is incredibly cathartic. Beside a river or pond are also wonderful places to lay down beneath the moon! Using crystals is also a thing you can add to enhance your moon bathing experience. Crystals, like water, have a special relationship to the moon. Use healing crystals to enhance your experience. You may want to hold a particular crystal while you sit in the moonlight, or you may soak the crystal in any water you’re using for an extra infusion of magic.

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