Make your own spring bath bomb

Make your own spring bath bomb

Spring is here and flowers are starting to bloom. This is the perfect time to have a relaxing bath with bath bombs. Bath bombs can be a little pricey but no need to worry, this post will guide you to make your own bath bomb. This is not only very easy and accessible but it also adds a little bit of you since you made it for your own relaxation.

First, you will need baking soda since it is a key ingredient in making a bath bomb. Then you will also need citric acid powder, if you do not have any citric acid powder available you can use lemon juice or white distilled vinegar. Another ingredient you can add in is Epsom salt, if there is no Epsom salt available you can use kosher salt, again this part is optional. It’s ok if you do not want to add Epsom salt, this is just an added benefit if your body is feeling a little tense, and this will help you relax even more. You will also need cornstarch since this ingredient will help your bath bomb be easily molded. You are also going to use a bath bomb mold but if you do not have that, you can use your ice cube tray or if there is an available cupcake mold, you can use that. This post is not limited to only one spring bath bomb; this will give a few facts and benefit of the flower or essential oil you would add in your bath bomb.

Primrose blooms during the season of spring, you can add this in you DIY bath bomb. Primrose oil is known to have healing effect with skin disease such as eczema, and acne. It also relieves PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms such depression, irritability, and bloating. While this helps on PMS symptoms, this also helps with menopause symptoms like hot flashes. Primrose oil also reduces high blood pressure and it improves heart health. Primrose oil can also be added in your drink for better relief but this is not necessary since you are mixing it with your bath bomb. Primrose might give you allergic reaction. If you feel itchiness, and difficulty in breathing, it is best not to use this flower oil in your bath bomb.

Another plant that blooms during spring is Saffron, also known as Crocus bulbs. Saffron is also known to be a spice. But you can also add this to you bath bomb, since it removes blackheads and dead skin cell to your body. It also unclogs your pores and it is also an antioxidant and it makes your skin tone even. This also helps you improve your mental health, it reduces stress and it is a natural sleep inducer. Saffron can also help with your respiratory issue such as cough and cold; it helps loosen mucus and phlegm. Saffron is safe, and it barely gives people allergic reaction but long term use might give you dry mouth, nausea, and headache.

Daffodil plant also blooms during spring; you can add this to your bath bomb. Daffodil can help with joint pains and asthma; it also is an antioxidant and it removes unwanted hair on your body. You can add daffodil in your bath bomb once since it can cause nausea and skin irritation if you constantly use it. It is recommended to NOT use daffodil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding since it will be dangerous for your baby.

Hyacinth is another flower that blooms during spring. It is easy to grow and it has many health benefits. Hyacinth is good in treating eczema; it has an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial property. So it is really good in treating skin diseases. Hyacinth’s strong fragrance also helps reduce stress. This plant is also good for women who are breastfeeding since this plant improves lactation. Hyacinth has very low levels of pollen but since this flower has strong fragrance, that might trigger allergic reactions. So you have to still be careful in using it.

Tulips also bloom during spring and it has benefits as well. Tulip extract is good in moisturizing your skin and its fragrance is relaxing. Tulips also helps with sinus pain and head ache; it also has antiseptic properties.

Hoping this post help in making your own bath bomb.
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