How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?

How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?

Now that winter is here in her full glory, it’s time to update your skincare routine. This is the time of the year where even if you have naturally greasier skin, your skin might still dry out. That’s why it’s better to take better care of your skin during winter and check whether the products from summer and autumn are fit to be used in winter as well. Here are a few tips on how to make the transition from autumn skincare to winter skincare more easily:

How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?

Be Mindful Of The Products You Are Using

The very first thing that you should do is line up all the products that you are using, and check whether or not they are suitable to be used in winter. The very first sign that your products are not suited for winter is your skin already being dryer. Or if you want to get ahead of the issue, then do a full check-up on your skincare products.

Because of the cold air, your skin is more prone to drying out, so what you should be looking to keep are products that moisturize your skin. Any strong cleansers that might dry out your skin are better left off for summer.

Lukewarm Water Is The Key

On those freezing days, where your feet and hands feel so cold they hurt while you are walking home from work, a hot steamy bath sounds like a great idea. Yes, once in a while a hot steamy bath can be a great way to warm yourself up, however, if you continuously use very warm water during your baths, your skin will dry up. That’s why it’s better to use lukewarm water while having a bath to keep your skin healthy.


What your skin could use more during the winter is to regularly exfoliate your skin from dead skin cells. However, always use a gentle, moisturizing exfoliate – the best ones for winter are those that have some nourishing body oils in them for your skin. We recommend that you exfoliate once a week, and to always use gentle movements to exfoliate.

How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?

Take care of your Hands and Feet

In winter, your feet and hands might be more prone to drying out due to more exposure to the cold weather. Also, less blood might be getting to them, because your body is trying to preserve heat, which means your hands and feet are colder than usual. That’s why it’s important to keep them moisturized at all times. We suggest that you bring a moisturizing hand cream with you at all times, and make it a habit to apply it every time you wash your hands. We suggest that you also moisturize your feet daily, and to improve circulation in them to massage them as you apply the moisturizing cream.

How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?

Hydrate Your Scalp

As all of your skin, the skin on your scalp is also prone to drying out, which is why it’s important to take good care of your scalp as well. Washing your hair every day can be easier for styling, however, it will dry out your scalp from its natural oils that keep the skin hydrated, and dandruff free. That’s why it’s important to skip on washing your hair every day and to also use a more hydrating shampoo for your hair.

Use a Humidifier

During winter, because of the colder air and our heating solutions, the air is much dryer than at any other time of the year. That’s why it’s important to use a humidifier, and add more moisture to the air that you are breathing in. Besides, it’s also great for your skin because it will help your skin to not dry out.

How To Switch From Autumn To Winter Skin Care Routine?


During the cold winter days, staying in bed with a warm blanket is a very soothing idea, however, to keep your overall health and the health of your skin optimal is to make sure you exercise daily. Exercise will increase the circulation of your blood which will help every part of your body to get enough blood and heat. It will also help your sweat glands to activate because during winter they constrict a bit. When they are working normally, your skin will be healthy, moisturized and glowing.

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