How to make your bath fun

We all know that taking a bath after a long and stressful day is very relaxing. Or maybe taking a bath even before you start your day could help you get more energy. But there will be days that taking a bath would feel like doing a house chore. Sometimes you just do not feel like taking a bath. And that is totally ok but taking a few days off bath time could actually be harmful to your health. So how do you force yourself to take a bath? You make it fun, isn’t that right? This post will give you a few suggestions on how to make your bath time fun for you!

  • Add plants in your bathroom. A great fun and relaxing bath idea is to decorate the bathroom with plants! It is the gift that will keep on giving. Once you purchase your plants, with little to no care, you can keep enjoying them during your bath time. Plants give us oxygen to breathe. What better way to create healthy air for deep breathing in the bathtub than to choose a little greenery for your bathroom! If you do not know what plant to put in your bathroom, here are a few plants that could make your bathroom more relaxing. Also, there is no need to worry since these plants do not really require a lot of care and attention.
    • Pothos Ivy is a great choice for a low-light bathroom. This plant can even grow if there’s no window and just an overhead light. In this case, you have to leave the light on several nights a week so they can photosynthesize to feed themselves. 
    • Calathea is a large family of plants. There’s the Pinstripe, Rattlesnake, Musica and other varieties. They are low ground cover with lots of contrast in the leaf. They come with stripes or a bit of purple. They can take low light and are tolerant of a bit of drying out. They can be as small as 6-8 inches or as big as 24-38 inches. Calathea lives under the ground in a subtropical to tropical place where you see a lot of tropical foliage. They’re usually under a jungle canopy so they can do well in a variety of lower to medium light. And they love to be damp and humid. 
    • San Sevieria includes Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Snake, Bird’s Nest and many more. These are great because they provide oxygen. 
  • Meditate while you are taking a bath. The idea of meditation is to quiet your mind and be fully in the present. Focus on your breath. What better place to do this than in a bathtub? Of course, you don’t want to meditate in the tub if you’re sleepy, but remember, meditation is about awareness. Bathtub meditation is different. You can lie down if it makes you feel better. The idea is to get comfortable and focus on the breath. There are other benefits of meditating in the bathtub instead of dry land. For one thing, it’s easier to escape technology in the bathroom—the beeps and pings that can disrupt a sitting meditation practice. Also, your parasympathetic nervous system automatically slows in hot water. And slowing the system is a goal of meditation, so it is like you are getting a floatie to assist your meditation efforts. There is a type of breathing called alternate nostril breathing that is great for helping beginner mediators keep the concentration on the breath. It’s a great way to practice bathtub meditation.
  • Drink a cup of tea while taking a bath. Just like bathing as a healing ritual dates back thousands of years, so does drinking tea! In fact, it’s believed that the Chinese drank tea as far back as the 2nd Century BC. Still today, so many of us find drinking tea to be a soothing, nourishing ritual. But why confine tea to oral consumption, when soaking in it is definitely a relaxing bath idea. Those wonderful herbs are good for your skin and mood, too? The scent of peppermint, for example, is known to calm people. Chamomile soothes. Lavender de-stresses. The key is to find your favorite tea. You know the one that helps you relax.