How to make a herbal bath at home?

How to make a herbal bath at home?

Keeping your skin healthy during winter, can be troublesome work for any type of skin. If your skin is naturally dry, your skin is probably getting dryer and chapped the colder it gets. If you have combined or greasy skin, you are torn between overhydrating your skin and making it greasier and not letting your skin get dry and chapped. So, how can you balance this issue out? How can you keep your skin in the best, healthy shape possible during winter? Well, one of the solutions can be taking a herbal bath.

how to make a herbal bath at home?

Why a herbal bath?

The main issue in winter is taking good care of your skin, because even the best skin products, might be in fact what's causing the issue in the first place. Your skin produces natural oils that keep your skin in good shape. By washing every day, and using extra skin products in winter, you might be doing more damage to your skin than good.

Using skin products for cleaning your skin every day might be what’s making you skin even dryer. The role of the cleansing skin products is to clean up any extra natural oils your skin is producing, and thus preventing a pile-up of natural oils and bacteria that might be getting trapped in them. Skincare products are made to control the natural oils of your skin – not rid your skin completely of them.

As the weather gets colder and colder, your skin is drying out, which means there are already less natural oils on your skin. By taking a bath with cleansing products every day, you are just further drying your skin up. To prevent this, and nourish your skin naturally, skipping bath products and instead of that soaking in a herbal tea bath is much better.

how to make a herbal bath at home?

Herbal baths loosen the tension of the muscles, they soften the skin and help it gain extra moisture without drying it out. Some herbs also improve in detoxing your body and boosting your immune system. Not to mention that they provide immense relaxation as well.

How to make a herbal bath?

The best way to make a herbal bath is to make your own mixture. It’s easy to do so, you just need to pick your favorite herbs and add them to your bathwater. However, it’s much easier to wrap them up together in a bag instead of directly adding them to the water because they can clog your drain or sick to your skin.

Then, put the bag in the bathwater and turn on the warm water only. Fill up a part of the bath with warm water and leave the herbs to soak in the water for 5 minutes. Then add cold water to balance out the water temperature. It would be best for the water to be lukewarm, instead of being steaming hot, because that will only dry out your skin.

how to make a herbal bath at home?

Then all you have to do is lay down and relax. For best results, soak in the bathwater for half an hour, however, if you want to take a quick bath, then even 10 minutes will do the trick!

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