How music helps your bathing routine be better

How music helps your bathing routine be better

Every one of us feels stress. Whether you are a student or a working adult every one of has something to be stressed about. What is a better way to reduce that stress? The answer is taking a bath. What is an even better way to reduce stress? The answer is listening to music. Well, what if we combine these two? Your stress level will definitely go from 100 percent to zero percent. Here are a few facts on how listening to music while taking a bath is better than just a regular one.

Music is a very powerful form of art. It has an effect to both your body and emotions. When you listen to upbeat tunes, your body and mind tends to be alert and active. When you listen to music with a slower tempo, it helps your mind to be at ease that will also make your muscles relax. There is also music that helps you focus on what you are doing. It could be classical; it could be rock or maybe kpop. Ā The point is music is very effective when it comes to helping your emotions at bay.

Researches have confirmed that music helps you unwind, and/ or control your emotions. Current studies stated that music with 60 BPM or beats per minute can synchronize your brain with the beat causing alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves are present when we are relaxed. Researchers at Stanford University also stated that ā€œlistening to music seems to be able to change brain function to the same extent as medicationā€. This is pretty good news since music is accessible to everyone and it is an easy stress reduction tool.

You might be thinking that there is only one type of music that could help you relief stress. Well you are wrong. Instrumental music that is created by guitars, drums, flutes or piano can be very effective when relaxing your mind. There are also a few playlists on Spotify just for relaxing, such as sounds of rain, light jazz, and nature sounds. Luxury spas use these playlists as well and it helps their clients be relaxed. Since we are not always told of the exact beats per minutes music has, how would you know if the music you are listening to is relaxing? The answer would be based on your music taste. Explore what genre of music you like and do not force yourself to listen to instrumental music if that is not your thing. Forcing yourself to listen to a genre of music that you do not like will create more stress than actually reducing it. So just keep exploring and if you enjoy the song, add it to your playlist and listen to them while taking a bath.

Taking a bath is a well-known process of washing oneā€™s self. Bathing is also a way to relief stress. It is a fact that bathing also helps your brain produce endorphins; a group of hormone that gives you a feeling of happiness. This type of hormone also helps reduce stress. Bathing also helps with muscle tension; it unwinds your muscles thus helping you lessen your stress. Another fact is that water can absorb negative energy so soaking yourself in a bath would help you release your negativity and get recharge with positive energy. Bathing is also cheaper and way better than going to a spa to unwind.

Listening to music while taking a bath can help you be completely calm. Here are a few ways to give you a relaxing bath while listening to music at home. First is choosing the music you listen to. As stated above, the music you listen affects your mood so listen to the type of music you like to lessen stress. Second is setting up your bath. Some people like cold baths, some like it warm, make the temperature of your bath however you want it. As long as it will help you relax because you are doing this for yourself. Adding a few essential oils will also help your mind be at ease. If your muscles are a little tense, add a little Epsom salt on your bath this will loosen up your muscles.

Music and bath are very compatible to each other and can be done by almost everyone. They can help you relax after an exhausting day and this can be done at home.
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