How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

Taking good care of yourself is very important for your wellbeing. The everyday struggles and the busy lifestyle catches up to us all eventually. And the worst part is, it drains us from energy and slowly but surely pushes taking care of ourselves on the bottom of the list. By continuously doing so, sooner or later you will burn out, and happiness will seem like a distant dream. So, don’t do that to yourself!

Instead, take a few extra minutes every day during your bath, and transform taking a bath into a self-care ritual for yourself! By taking some time each day for yourself, you will start taking better care of yourself, physically and emotionally, you will have time to unwind and get rid of piled up stress, you will have time to process the day, and most importantly, your overall wellbeing will improve. Here is how to transform taking a bath into your very own self-care ritual:

How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

Make the time

Although it might seem silly to take off some time each day to incorporate your self-care ritual in your daily schedule, it’s actually a very effective method to commit more easily to a self-care ritual. If you don’t plan accordingly, there will always be an excuse not to do it. Besides, putting aside the time for your bath on your busy schedule means that you are finally accepting the fact that taking care of yourself is just as important as any of the tasks on your list. And, it’s much easier to develop a habit that has meaning and value to you. So, next time when you sit down to plan your day, or a week, schedule your little self-care bath as well.

Create Your Own Playlist

Now that you have set aside the time for yourself, it’s time to plan ahead, so that your self-care bath will always be amazing. The simplest way to do so is to start by creating your own personalized playlist. It all depends on how you unwind the best. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and sing along during your bath, or you can create a playlist with calming music, or even find a guided meditation to follow along during your bath. It’s important to create something for yourself, even if it’s a combination of all three examples or some other ideas that you might have.

How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

Extra Tip: If you feel like you are too busy this period, and you don’t have the time to make a personalized playlist - you can always choose a playlist from YouTube or Spotify to help you relax. There are many playlists already created by people that want to share their relaxing music, which helps them unwind as well.

Tidy Up Your Bath

If you want to turn taking a bath into your new self-care ritual, then you can’t just go into the bathroom and take a bath. You have to prepare well, and have everything ready for relaxing. And the best way to prepare is to start by preparing your space. Make sure you tidy up and clean up your bathroom before you take your self-care bath.

By tidying up and cleaning your bath, you will create the perfect space for relaxing. After all, if you leave your bath as is, you will probably end up stressing and constantly thinking about the mess in your bath. And, during a self-care ritual, there is no space for such thoughts! This is the time you take for taking good care of yourself, and sources of any such thoughts should be removed.

Use Your Best Products

We all have a few special products that we got for ourselves and use for special occasions. It’s time to take those out and create a self-care kit for yourself, which you will use whenever you have your self-care bath. After all, you bought them to use them, right?

We recommend to pull out all the bathing products that you have along with face masks, creams, candles, essential oils, incense, etc. Depending on how many products you have, you can create one or more kits for yourself. Pair up your products into your self-made set, and then put each set into a simple box. If you want you can always be more creative and use a small basket which you can then decorate.

How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

Then, depending on your mood, or what your skin needs, simply take the whole box and bring it to your bath. That way, you will never run around looking for products, or forgetting their existence and never using them, even though they are great for your skin.

Extra Tip: If you feel like you haven’t really spent any money on yourself in a while, then maybe it’s time to treat yourself, and get something special for your self-care bath. We recommend for your ultimate comfort to take a look at luxurious, comfy bath pillows, or even some soft, handy, fast-drying towels for your next bath.

Set up The Atmosphere

Before you take your bath, take a few minutes to set up the atmosphere. Light a few of your favorite candles, set-up your bath pillow, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the bathwater or the candle wax. Light some incense, put some bath salts in your water and prepare your towels. These little details will help you to relax more, and really get the feeling of taking good care of yourself.

How can taking a bath become your self-care ritual?

Insert A Short Activity During Your Bath

And last, but not least, it’s important to insert a short activity during your bath. Although some days you might feel overwhelmed, and you’d prefer to relax in silence, it’s good for you to once in a while devote time to some activities during your bath such as:

- Catching up on your reading
- Short meditation
- Mindful massage before finishing your bath

And that’s it! Are you ready to transform taking a bath into a self-care ritual? Let us know on our Instagram how it went!

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