Difference of Evening bathing and Morning bathing

Difference of Evening bathing and Morning bathing

Taking a bath is needed to be clean and hygienic. Sometimes it can be a little hard to choose the time to take a bath. Either you are too sleepy, too lazy, too tired, or just not in the mood of doing so. But seriously, bathing is needed to improve your daily routine and your immune system. This post will basically give you facts on the differences of evening baths and morning baths for you to make it easier to choose between them. This is not forcing you to choose right away, this will just give you a better look on how time of taking a bath will have an effect to your body, both physical and mental. In short, this post will give you a list on how morning bath or evening bath affects your body; it is still your choice on what time of the day you choose to take bath.

Let us start off with morning bath. If you are a morning person, it is easy to choose morning bath over evening bath. Here are a few facts and benefits about taking a bath in the morning:

  • Taking a bath in the morning gives you time to meditate, especially when you have a busy schedule. Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, tend to peak in the morning. Sometimes it could be around 8 am or earlier, causing our body to wake up earlier than expected. Being able to take a bath in the morning may decrease the peak level of cortisol, along with other methods of reducing stress such as exercising.
  • It can improve you creativity. There are multiple studies that says taking a bath or taking a shower can give you give a spark to your creative bone. A psychologist recommends soaking in the water every morning and letting your mind wander; not only is your mind more active in the morning, doing it before going on your day will give you an ‘Aha!’ moment that you can put to good use.
  • Taking a morning bath can improve your skin. Cleansing your skin after a long day to give it a chance to breathe is good but cleansing it or bathing before you start your day can give you better skin. Taking a warm morning bath can stimulate your skin cells – you can do this if you have oily or acne prone skin.

Running late to start your day is normal, especially if you are a sleepy head or you were tired the night before. So here are a few facts on how taking an evening bath can benefit your body.

  • A lukewarm bath at the evening can help you sleep better. This helps your body release melatonin, a hormone that regulates your sleep. During a lukewarm evening bath, your body will heat up. After the bath, your skin will cool down; this will be a signal for your body that it is bed time. For better sleep results, use an essential oil that would calm you down, such as lavender oil or bergamot oil.
  • An evening bath can help you reduce stress and meditate. After taking a bath, your mind and body tend to feel better. Meditating during your evening bath can also help you sleep faster after it.
  • After a very long, tiring day, evening bath sounds good to cleanse your skin. It removes unnecessary dirt, oil and pollutants on your skin. It will also reduce acne. It is also better to lie down on your bed with a clean skin and clean clothes, for you and your mattress’s health.
  • Evening baths can help you unplug. In your bathroom, it will be just you and your bath so it will keep away from the stress of technology and social media. If you are rich enough to have a TV in your bathroom, please do not turn it on, for better relaxation. If you have a bath caddy, it will be better if you choose to use it as a tray for your book or for your wine glass than a tray for your tablet and phone.
That is a short list of how bathing in the evening or bathing in the morning can help you. Again, it is still your preference that matters.
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