Celebrities’ insane bathing rituals

Celebrities or public figures are always in front of the camera and you can always see that they have good skin. People always ask how they do it and here are a few information we gathered. Just to warn you, a few of these information are rumors that are yet to be debunked so maybe do a little research yourself before trying them out. We do not want you and your skin having irritation because of what a celebrity does to their skin. Nonetheless, here is the list of celebrities bathing rituals.

  • There was a rumor that Mariah Carey only bathed in French mineral water. Mariah Carey herself said that the rumor was not true and she bath in milk instead. Although milk bathing was not a daily routine for her, it sure made her skin beautiful and glowing.
  • Elizabeth Hurley loved bathing in hot water, she said that it helps her relax and think after the long, and busy day she had.
  • Oprah Winfrey had her bath tub made in onyx marble. As you can see her skin is beautiful and glowing too. She even said that her bath tub can fit a few people in it.
  • Teri Hatcher dips herself in a bath tub full of red wine to keep her skin absorbs the antioxidants and nutrients that wine have.
  • Kate Hudson dunks her face in an ice cold bath. She said it helps her skin look cheerful and bouncy.
  • Jennifer Lopez sometimes indulges herself with bathing in flower petals.
  • Jenny Slate loves her daily milk baths in the morning. In addition to that, she said that after taking a milk bath, she puts rose oil all over her body. She said it make her aware that she is taking care of herself.
  • Marilyn Monroe was rumored that she dips herself in a distilled champagne bath.
  • After every show, Lady Gaga dips herself in ice cold water bath. As everyone else know, ice cold water bath helps your body ease from the intense body movement you did before taking a bath. When Lady Gaga was starting in showbiz, there was a rumor that she bathed in blood. They did not tell what specific blood it was we get the feeling that bathing in blood is not a part of a beauty regimen. Also, this rumor was from a long time ago. It is safe to say that maybe it was not true.
  • Beyonce’s first child, Blue was once bathed in Evian water. Of course Blue was born with a silver spoon and her mama, Beyonce, only wants what is the best for her. So once in a hotel, Beyonce requested 1,000 liters of twice purified Evian water poured in a bath tub. Gerbera daisies were scattered along the bath. Can you imagine how relaxed Blue was when she had that bath? When hotel owners were asked if they offered Evian water bath, they denied it. There were records though, stating that even Serena Williams tried the Evian water bath back in 2005. Now, Evian water bath has been dubbed the world’s most expensive spa treatment. Britney Spears also tried this one out and she enjoyed it. So it must have been that good and relaxing.
  • This might not apply as a bath ritual but did you know that Taylor Swift dip herself in 10 million worth of diamonds in her “Look what you made me do” music video? That is an insane amount of value to be bathing around, right?
  • Speaking of Taylor Swift, almost everyone knows the beef between her and Kim Kardashian. If you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, you might have seen a post where she flaunts her amazing and huge bathroom. But did you ever wonder what bathing rituals does her family have? Aside from generous amount of highlighter and good filter, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of North West taking a bath with a few glow sticks. Rests assure it is not their bath ritual but it was worth sharing considering how beautiful North West is. And maybe Kim Kardashian shared that photo so we, common people, can pull an inspiration for an instagram worthy picture.
These are a few bathing rituals of well-known celebrities. You might not pull these off but it was nice knowing a little bit about them, right?