Benefits of Olive oil to your skin

Benefits of Olive oil to your skin

During this modern time, taking of your skin or building your own skin care routine is very important. There are a lot of companies making various products that helps you take care of your skin in another level. Although that is good, some products contain chemicals that would eventually harm your skin and some products are getting more expensive through time. So, more and more people are trying to spend less, be resourceful, and try sticking to a more organic product. One of these is olive oil. Olive oil is not only good for your salads and your pasta. It actually helps your skin look better. Olive oil has been around for thousands of years, and some people swear that it makes their skin look and feel younger! But is olive oil actually good for your skin? The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. Keep reading for a breakdown of the benefits and risks of incorporating olive oil into your skincare routine.

Benefits of Olive Oil: 

Olive oil has a lot of benefits, not only if you incorporate it into your diet, but also if you start using it in your skincare routine! Filled with lots of good-for-you vitamins, it’ll help lock in moisture and could prevent early signs of aging.

Moisturizing. Like many other oils, olive oil locks in moisture. By itself, it doesn’t do much in the way of moisturizing your skin, but it works to seal in water or your moisturizer. The best way to incorporate it into your routine is to apply it on top of your moisturizer, so it will lock in the moisture from that.  

Vitamin- and Antioxidant-Filled. Olive oil is rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K, which is why it’s so great to use when you’re cooking! These vitamins are not only good for your health, they could benefit your skin as well. No studies have definitively proven that the vitamins in olive oil benefit skin, but products that contain these vitamins are often used to improve overall skin health. In addition, olive oil contains lots of antioxidants, which could possibly prevent early signs of aging. No research has officially proven that this is the case.

Scar and Stretch Mark Fading. Keeping your skin moisturized is key to preventing and treating scars and stretch marks. Olive oil can be used to lock in moisture on parts of your body other than your face, too, although it’s important to patch test to make sure you don’t experience any irritation.

Risks of Olive Oil:

While the benefits of olive oil might have you running to your kitchen, it’s important to understand the potential risks of using olive oil on your skin. While you probably won’t have a severe reaction unless you’re allergic to olives, you still might experience minor irritation or, more likely, clogged pores.

Irritation. Some people’s skin might be sensitive to olive oil, which might cause an allergic reaction, so make sure you patch test a small area of your skin and monitor it for 48 hours to make sure no irritation occurs. Also, in one test, olive oil was shown to raise the risk of eczema when used on an infant's skin. One way to avoid irritation is to choose an olive oil that does not have any added ingredients. Choose a high-quality, pure olive oil that has a certification from the International Olive Council.

Clogged Pores. Olive Oil is a heavy oil, so it doesn’t absorb easily into the skin, and it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause clogged pores and acne. It’s moderately comedogenic, meaning that it is likely to clog your pores and lead to irritation or acne.

No Scientific Proof. While olive oil has been around for thousands of years, there is yet no definitive scientific proof that it has any benefits for your skin. While some people swear by it, others experience adverse side effects, and scientific studies are all over the place. A general rule of thumb is that if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you might not react well to olive oil. Just do a patch test on your skin, and keep an eye on it for 48 hours. If you don’t experience any side effects, olive oil might be a good solution for your skincare routine.

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