Benefits of a sea salt bath

Baths have been praised for not only their relaxing qualities, but also to physical and mental well-being.
Baths must be at the proper temperature to be beneficial, warm. Baths that are too hot can leave a
person feeling tired, dehydrated and dizzy. Hence the warning when soaking in a Jacuzzi or sauna. What
we put into a bath is equally important. Due to the warm water, our skin dilates which allows an easier
absorption of chemicals into our bodies and organs. Again, this is why it is very important to be mindful
of what we do put into our bath. Taking a bath might be as therapeutic as seeing a psychologist for an
hour. And a lot cheaper, too. Add a half-cup of these DIY bath salts to your tub and you’ll also reap the
tension-taming benefits of magnesium. Bath salts are the kind of project that even a novice can
easily master. Keep it simple by sticking with the bath salt recipe below or customize your salts with
your favorite colors, scents, and mix-ins. When you have a cold, eucalyptus oil can help you breathe
easier; if you love flowery scents, try ylang ylang essential oil or jasmine. Dried rose petals, lavender
buds, and calendula flowers are beautiful, fragrant additions too. The best thing about making your own
bath salts is that there's so much room for experimentation.
When it comes to adding salts to a bath, the most common are, Epsom Salt and Sea Salt. Epsom and sea
salts contain beneficial nutrients such as, magnesium and sulfate. Due to the depleted levels of
magnesium in our food and the imbalance of nutrients in the foods, most people are deficient,
sometimes dangerously deficient, in magnesium, which is the second most abundant element in our
bodies. Unfortunately, many forms of magnesium are too difficult to absorb when taken orally,
especially those with damaged guts (many of us). A damaged gut makes absorbing magnesium and
other minerals through the digestive system more difficult, so topical additions of magnesium via oils
and salt baths can be a great solution. Again, because the skin is the largest organ and has wonderful
little holes known as pores, it has the amazing ability to absorb, filter toxins and deliver nutrients to the
 Awesome stress reliever
 Soothes and calms aching muscles 
 Improves circulation
 Helps with absorbing nutrients
 Relieves headaches
 Aids in speeding up wound healing
 Helps children with mineral absorption 
 Aids in better sleep
 Aids in relieving joint pain
 Great for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne

 Aids in improving skin hydration (especially when soaking in warm, not hot, water)
 Helps relieve poison ivy and skin reactions

Bath salt recipes you should try:
Dead Sea Salt: High in magnesium and sulfate, dead sea salts are beneficial in combating stress and fluid
retention. Helps slow skin aging and calms the nervous system. 
Epsom Salt: Named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually a salt but a
naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Sulfates help improve the
absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches. Epsom salts help to ease stress
and relax the body. Magnesium, found in Epsom Salt, helps to produce serotonin, a mood elevating
chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Avocado and Castor Oils: With its high levels of omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, Avocado
Oil is an extremely beneficial oil that aids in helping skin remain moisturized, soft and youthful looking.
Avocado and Castor oils are useful oils that aid in soothing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
and Castor oil having pain easing properties which makes it useful for muscle aches and arthritis.
Dried Herbs of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Rosemary: With combinations of anti-microbial, anti-
bacterial and astringent properties, the combination of these beneficial dried leaves is helpful in aiding
in soothing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and aches
Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Palmarosa, Lavender and Geranium: Beneficial in
cleansing, calming and soothing skin ailments.
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Extremely high in mineral content, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is extremely
beneficial for the skin.