Bathing myths that everyone should disregard

Bathing myths that everyone should disregard

Bathing is needed for proper hygiene. However, there are people who believe a lot of myths connected to bathing whether they are good myths or bad myths. This post will debunk a few myths people believe about bathing.

Many people think that Loofahs are better than soap. This is because many people believe that bacteria tend to stick to soaps than to loofahs. That is not true at all. There is a study about Epidemiology that states bacteria do not transfer bacteria from one person to another. When in fact, that is what loofahs do. Dead skin cells tend to stick to loofahs if they are not cleaned properly. So clean your loofahs and change it every few months.

Next myth is hot water bath is better than cold water bath. Of course, everyone would want a hot water bath after a very long and stressful day to relax but hot water bath is actually bad for your skin. According to a Dermatologist, hot water bath tends to deplete the creation of natural body oil and that will leave your skin dry. They suggest that switching to lukewarm water bath will be better instead.

Another myth is long water bath is better that short water bath. Again, that is not true. Long water bath will deplete your natural body oil, making your skin dry. So taking a 20 to 30 minute water bath is better. And remember to not use hot water.

There is also a myth that taking hot water bath or cold water bath will affect your pores. A part of this is true. Hot water bath tend to open up pores and cold water bath tend to close up your pores. However, according to a few experts pores are genetic so one thing not to worry when you are taking a bath.

Morning bath are way better than evening baths. Just like stated in a previous blog post this depends on your preference. Morning baths can wake your senses up for the day you will be having while evening baths can wash off any dirt and strip away the stress you had during the day. Do not believe this myth and do what makes you feel comfortable.

Another myth is brisk toweling can help you dry up your skin after a bath. For those of you who do not know, brisk toweling is where you rub your towel to your entire body to get rid of the water or moist. Do not do this according to experts this will irritate your skin. Pat the towel gently to your whole body instead.

Waiting for your skin to dry up before applying lotion is another myth that is not true. Contrary to popular belief, applying lotion to your damp skin is way better than applying it to dry skin. This will help lock the moisture on your body. If you apply lotion to your body after waiting for it to dry, your skin will tend to get dryer.

There is a myth that daily baths is necessary. That is not true. Daily baths will irritate and damage your skin. Taking a bath 3 to 4 times a week is better. However, you should still wash your face, hands, and feet every day to get rid of dirt. But if you live in a warmer country, taking a bath daily would be a good way to cool down your body. Just do not forget to moisturize after taking a bath.

For the ladies, old people way that taking a bath during your period is bad. Again, that is not true. Taking a nice warm bath during your period will actually help with your menstrual cramps and it will help you relax during your premenstrual syndrome. And girls, you do not need to worry about having a “shark attack” while taking a bath. Menstrual bleeding will stop once you get in the water.

Last myth is sharing a bath with someone can make you catch an illness. This is not true. You will not catch anything if you share a bath with someone. But just to be safe, try not to share a bath if you do not feel comfortable about it.

These are a few myths that you should not believe. Hoping that this post help educate you guys. Stay safe.
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