7 Reasons To Take Baths More Often

7 Reasons To Take Baths More Often

We all love taking nice, long, warm baths. But, how often do you take them? Are baths your once in a while treat, or do you make them a part of your daily routine? We like to take baths as often as we can, and we always feel amazing. That’s because taking baths more often has so many benefits beyond pampering yourself once in a while. Here are 7 reasons why you should take baths more often:

Why you should take baths more often

1. Taking baths reduces stress

We all deal with stress daily. And, sometimes, small stress can be even beneficial for you because it strengthens your resilience to the stress exposed so that you can deal with the same stressful situation better in the future. In fact, that is why we are biologically wired to deal with stress – to help us grow. However, constantly being under pressure, and stressed out is harming your body and mind tremendously. And, most of us live with more and more stress every day. Which is why it’s very important to reduce the stress levels in your life. A simple way to do so is to take baths more often.

Long baths are a proven way to reduce stress, and instead relax and induce a state of calmness. There are many theories why long baths are so beneficial when it comes to reducing stress, however, most experts agree that taking a long warm bath reminds us of the time when we were babies, safe in our mother’s uterus. Although we can’t really remember how it was, it seems like our bodies recognize a similar sensation, much like muscle memory.

Extra Tip: If your bathtub is uncomfortable, then no matter what you do, you won’t be able to relax. Don’t worry though, because all you need is a bath pillow! Get yours here, and learn more about bath pillows here.

bath pillow

2. It will improve blood circulation

If you have lower blood pressure, and even in summer you struggle with your hands and feet getting as cold as ice, then you are probably struggling with decreased blood circulation. Although in most cases, it’s mostly an annoyance to constantly warm your legs and hands, sometimes decreased blood circulation an cause a more serious problem because enough blood doesn’t reach more important organs.

Which is why having good blood circulation is very important.
To make sure you always have good blood circulation, the solution is simple – take a long warm bath. Baths naturally improve the circulation of your blood, which is why it’s important to take baths more often. If you have really bad blood circulation, then after you finish your bath, use your showerhead to cover your body with colder water for 30 seconds, and then again with warm water for 30 seconds.

3. Improved Sleep

If you have been suffering from insomnia, or you feel like the quality of sleep that you are getting doesn’t make you energized and refreshed in the morning, then taking a long warm bath before you go to sleep can help you fall asleep faster. After taking a long warm bath, your core temperature has risen thanks to the warm water.

Once you leave the bathtub, your body will return to its normal temperature. Because this drop in temperature occurs, you will get sleepy in no time! Plus, having a relaxing bath before going to sleep will help you reduce your stress levels, relax and release all the tension you have piled up during the day – immensely increasing the quality of sleep that you will be getting.

4. Detoxes your body

A long warm bath can also help you sweat during your bath, draining out all the toxins that are piling up in your body. However, if you feel like a simple warm bath is not enough to detox your body, then you can click here to learn all about having a detox bath at home.

detox bath

5. Helps fight off depression & anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the two most common diseases of the modern era in which we live. And in a way, we all deal with anxiety and depression in our lives – constantly thinking, re-thinking and overthinking. However, a good long bath can help you to fight off both. For depression, studies have shown that cold baths have a beneficial effect because they jolt up your nervous system. It also helps in producing beta-endorphin and noradrenaline in your blood, which helps to battle depression.

For anxiety, taking a long warm bath is better because the warm water will help you relax and release the piled up tension in your body and mind. If you feel like you need something extra to fight off your anxiety, try to add a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oils to your bathwater.

6. Keeps your muscles in good shape

Because we live a more stressful way of life, during the day many of the muscles in our bodies clench and make us feel sore. A long warm bath will help you to keep your muscles in good shape. That’s because soaking in warm water reduces tension in your body and every muscle in your body. It can even help you to improve the elasticity of your muscles.

bath benefits
7. It’s the self-care that you were missing out on

Our busy lifestyles are very time-consuming. So much that we rarely get the time that we need for ourselves so that we can process and evaluate our lives. And this is a crucial part of our lives – because when we constantly push back on the time we need for ourselves, it affects our whole well-being negatively. By developing a habit to take baths every day, you can make taking a bath into your very own self-care ritual. Simply the act of making time for yourself, will leave you in a better mood, and not to mention how amazing you will feel once the bath relaxes you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and take a bath to enjoy all of these amazing benefits!

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