6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

Winter is here! And with it, it’s the perfect time to draw yourself the perfect winter bath. To help you take good care of yourself and your skin during winter, we are sharing some amazing tips to help you always have the best time in the bath. Here are the 6 best winter bathing tips:

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

1. Re-Decorate Your Bathroom

In winter, it’s not unusual to feel like you are having less energy, and your motivation to go down. Because of the cold weather, sometimes we go out less, or we simply feel detached from the world. Either way, whatever the reason might be, if you feel like your spirit is going down in the winter, then we suggest that you make a little spa haven in your bathroom. It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t cost much and the results are amazing. All you will need to do to create your little haven is:

- Greenery & Flowers – The simplest way to cheer yourself up, and create a relaxing atmosphere that will re-energize you in your bathroom is to get some greenery and flowers. We suggest that you place some plants of your own choosing on two diagonal sides of the bathtub. But, if you feel like you want to add more – feel free to do so! You can choose any plants and flowers that you love, it all depends on what you prefer.

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

- Candles – To enhance the whole relaxing atmosphere, we suggest you add a few of your favorite candles to the mix. Remember when we recommended placing the plants on two diagonal ends of the bathtub? That’s because we like to place candles on the other two diagonal ends of our bathtubs. After all, we wouldn’t the plants to get burned down by the candles accidentally. This also creates an amazing atmosphere because of the mesmerizing shadows of the plants.

2. Balance The Water Temperature

Having a hot steamy bath in winter may sound like heaven, however, it can dry out your skin. So, how can you keep the temperature of the water lower, and yet still enjoy the steamy atmosphere of a bath? It’s simple. What we like to do is, first close the door and windows of the bathroom.

Then start filling up the bathtub with water, but instead of setting up the right temperature and then leaving the water running, we like to first fill part of the bathtub with steaming hot water, and then add cold water to achieve the perfect temperature. By doing so, we ensure that we have steam in the bathroom, without sitting too long in hot water that can dry out the skin in the winter.

Ensuring that you have steam during your winter baths is essential, not only for relaxing but also for getting de-congested.

3. Enrich The Bath Water With Natural Ingredients

Speaking of steamy baths, they make the perfect opportunity to enrich your bathwater. And no, we are not talking about synthetic bubble baths. Instead, you can treat your skin with more natural ingredients such as bath salts and essential oils.

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

We suggest you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil as you are letting the warm water run first, to make sure their aromas fill the bathroom. If you have never used essential oils before, we suggest using chamomile or lavender for relaxation. You will feel instantly relaxed! And in case you want to ease off your flu and cold symptoms, you can always add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your bathwater.

4. Oil Based Gentle Scrubs

Speaking of treating your skin well, if you want to remove dead skin cells, you have to make sure you switch to a more gentle scrub for exfoliating your skin. If you are using a rougher scrub, you can damage your skin and make it even drier than before. That’s why we suggest that you choose an oil-based gentle scrub for exfoliating your skin during your baths, because not only will you remove skin cells, but you will also moisturize your skin and make it softer, and less prone to getting dry and cracked during the winter.

5. Pair-up with the right beverage

If you like to enjoy a beverage during your baths, then it’s important to pair yourself with the right one. If you just want to relax and unwind a bit, before heading out to seize the day, then we recommend drinking your favorite tea. Mint tea with lemon, chamomile with honey or for a more wintery taste – orange and cinnamon are all perfect choices.

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

If you are trying to unwind after work, and you enjoy alcoholic beverages, we recommend to pair yourself up with a semi-dry red wine, because they have a somewhat sweeter taste. If you feel like you want to heat yourself up, without raising the temperature of the water, then warm red wine might be a good choice for you. All you need is to warm up your red wine along with a few pieces of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some sugar/honey for 10-15 minutes without letting it boil. The result is an aromatic beverage that will warm you up to the core during your bath.

6. Embrace The Relaxation

Now that you have set up everything just right, it’s time to let yourself completely unwind. Simply lay back in your bathtub, unclench your jaw and shoulders, and also ease off your forehead. Take a few deep breaths to fully let yourself relax. Breathe in through your nose, and hold your breath for a few seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth slowly.

6 Best Winter Bathing Tips

Observe the shapes and patterns formed by the shadows of the plants on the candlelight, and maybe even focus on the flames of the candles around you a bit. Simply make yourself aware that you have created a divine experience for yourself, and completely embrace the relaxation and joy that surrounds you.

If you are having any difficulty to relax because you feel like your bathtub is uncomfortable, you can treat yourself for the holidays with a luxury bath pillow.

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