5 Handy Ways Of Using Hammam Towels

5 Handy Ways To Use Hammam Towels

Hammam Towels are becoming more and more popular for a very good reason. They can simplify your life instantly! Although they can save you from bulky towels that shed in the bathroom, they have so many uses beyond that. Like being the best thing that you can pack for your summer vacation. Curious to learn more? Keep reading:

1. Beach Vacation Essentials

In the heat of summer, when you pack for your beach vacation there is always a thrill, excitement, and joy because finally, you will get to relax. And then you realize that your bulky towels take half the space of your suitcase. Where will you find the space to pack all your trendy beachwear?

To make packing much easier for yourself, and save yourself the costs of buying expensive beachwear that you wear once a year, you can just take a hammam towel to the beach with you. Because of their large size, vibrant colors and eye-catchy design you can wear your hammam towel as trendy beachwear. You can simply wrap them around, or tie them up in a more eye-catchy look. Examples below! 

But, it gets better! Although the sandy beaches are all you can think about during the year, when you are there, you slowly realize that sand is very annoying. It gets everywhere. And it sticks on your bulky beach towels the most. However, if you use your hammam towel as a beach towel, you will never encounter this issue. Hammam towels are sand-free! Yes, you heard it right, sand just never sticks to hammam towels.

2. Workout Towel

Keeping yourself healthy and in good shape is very important! Whether you go to the gym, have fitness/aerobic sessions or you enjoy yoga you need a towel or a mat for every occasion. And hammam towels are perfect to throw into your workout bag and bring with you.

Because they are so absorbent, you can use them to soak up sweat after an intense workout session, or if you prefer yoga, you can replace your yoga mat with a hammam towel. They are perfect for any kind of workout!

3. A Blanket For Every Purpose

Because of their large size, hammam towels are also used as light blankets for your home, or your picnics. As a picnic blanket, a hammam towel is very handy. Large, durable, and thin, you can add it to your picnic blanket without adding weight to it. And then all you need to do is enjoy your delightful picnic with your loved ones. And if you just want to add some vibrancy to your home, you can use your hammam towel as a throw blanket for your sofa and couch.

4. Multi-Purpose When Traveling

If you are going on a long flight, you can use your hammam towel as a trendy shawl until you get on the plane. If you feel chilly on your flight, you can use your hammam towel as a blanket, to keep yourself warm! And the best part is, once you are off the plane, you hammam towel transforms into a trendy shawl once again.

If you have sensitive skin, then a hammam towel is a must-have for your trips. You don’t have to worry at all about the weight of your suitcase because hammam towels are incredibly lightweight and space-saving. When folded, they weigh and take the space of a folded t-shirt.

Which makes them the perfect companion for your camping trips as well. You can pack them in your backpack without adding too much extra weight to it, and save some space. In the evenings when the temperatures drop, you can use your hammam towel as a throw blanket for extra warmth.

 5. Save Space In Your Dryer

While hammam towels are washer and dryer safe, that doesn’t mean that you need to dry them in your dryer. Hammam towels are very fast drying, on any weather. You can simply hang dry them and save yourself some space in the dryer. And the best part is they will be dry by the time your dryer finishes your other clothes!

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