5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

Now that the colder days arrived, your skin might be getting drier and drier. And once winter arrives, dry skin can become a serious issue. So, how can you keep your skin moisturized and healthy even in winter?

The truth is, there is no one way to make sure that your skin will always be glowing and healthy, but there are adjustments that you can do to your skin-care routine that can help you banish dry skin for good.

If you are tired of dealing with dry skin every winter, then we have a few tips that can help you moisturize your skin, and avoid getting dry skin during winter and autumn. Here we go:

5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

1. Limit Your Bath Time

Although many people believe that having a bath or a shower daily is beneficial and it’s keeping their skin clean, in fact having extra bath or shower time might have the opposite effect on your skin. During colder days your skin is already drier because of the weather conditions.

That means that less natural oils are being created. By taking a shower every day, or a bath, you might think that you are simply keeping your skin clean, however, you might be drying out your skin even more.

To ensure that you are not drying your skin, even more, make sure you spend less time under the shower or in the bath and consider taking a shower or a bath every other day.

5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

2. Be Mindful Of The Temperature Of The Water

There is nothing better on a cold winter day than to lay down in a steaming hot bath and enjoy your time, right? We know! Especially if it was an extra cold day, and you need to warm yourself up. And although it feels absolutely amazing to do so, resting yourself in steaming hot water is not good for your skin. In fact, it will dry it out completely.

That’s why it’s better to lower the temperature of the water, and make it lukewarm when taking a bath or a shower, and warm up outside of the bath in other ways. We like to drink a cup of hot tea because it always helps us to warm up without drying out our skin.

3. Be Gentle With Your Skin

When your skin is drying out in autumn and winter, you have to be especially gentle with your skin. That means no scrubbing your skin or wearing rough clothes that might irritate your skin. When you finish your bath, always use gentle towels to tap away from the water. It’s important that you don’t soak up all the water, but rather leave some moisture on your skin that you can later set in your skin with your moisturizer.


4. Apply Moisturizer Regularly

Now that colder weather is upon us, your skin needs extra moisture. And that means that applying moisturizer regularly is very important. Every time you finish a bath or a shower, once you have dried most of your skin, apply a moisturizing cream immediately. Make it a habit to do so right after drying up, to make sure you keep as much of the moisture from the bath in your skin, rather than letting it dry out.

5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

5. Be Mindful Of The Products You Use

Think of it like this: your body is designed to keep itself running and in good condition, and so is your skin. Many of the oils that your skin is creating serve as a protective barrier that keeps your skin healthy and moisturized. Although when they pile up and get mixed with dirt, they can cause issues to your skin, and they can even plug your pores, if you rid your skin completely of these natural oils, then your skin will lose its protective barrier and it will start drying out.

Most of the skin-care products contain one or more ingredients that cleanse the skin of these natural oils. They are designed to prevent their pile-up. However, if you overuse them they will get rid of all of the natural oils that your skin creates causing it to dry out. So, here is what to do or don’t do instead:

5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

  • Don’t use strong cleansers – While it is important to clean your skin properly, strong cleansers will only dry our skin out unnecessarily. That is why it’s better to switch to a gentler cleanser, because when used regularly it will cleanse your skin properly, without drying it up.
  • Do use creams and ointments instead of lotions – Body lotions are less effective than creams and ointments which is why it’s better to skip on body lotions. Plus, creams and ointments are less likely to irritate your skin.

    5 Bath Tips For Dealing With Dry Skin

  • Do wear lip balm – Taking good care of your skin means taking good care of your lips as well. Regularly wearing lip balm, and exfoliating your mouth with a bit of sugar mixed with coconut oil, is the best way to ensure your lips don’t dry out and become chapped.

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