4 Benefits Of Taking A Relaxing Bath

4 Benefits Of Taking A Relaxing Bath

Bathing always promotes relaxation. Just think about laying down in your bubble bath, the water enveloping your body after a long, hard day at work. You instantly feel yourself calming down, right? There is something about the thought of submersing yourself in water that makes you feel like no matter what is going on in your life – everything will be okay.

If the very thought makes you calmer, imagine how much better you’d feel when you take the actual bath. Besides the improvement of your mood and the common belief that baths are a way to pamper yourself - baths are actually very beneficial for your health. Here are the 5 benefits of taking a relaxing bath:

Improving Blood Flow

When you submerge yourself in water, especially if the water is hot, your blood flow increases and your heart starts beating a little faster. Your circulation will improve, the intake of oxygen will increase because you will take deeper breaths and your heart will be healthier.
Extra Benefit: Speaking of deeper breaths, did you know that the steam of your bath can make you healthier as well? It’s true! The steam increases your immune system and helps in killing off bacteria.
It is beneficial when you come down with a nasty cold or the fly – especially if you can’t breathe!

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

We all know that when you take a nice bath, you instantly feel relaxed. However, have you ever wondered why stress and anxiety seem to melt away every time you take a bath?
Laying down horizontally in water has a nourishing soothing effect on you because it reminds you of the safest place on earth for you, from where your existence has begun – the womb.
Many scholars believe that laying down to take a bath gives you a sense of security, much like the one you felt like an embryo in your mother’s womb, or later as a child - in your mother’s embrace.
Although, if your bathtub is uncomfortable and you can’t seem to relax because you are slipping down, or your back feels like it will crack because of the angle of your bathtub it can be pretty hard to induce relaxation and peace. In such cases, we recommend you start using a bath pillow, to ensure you get maximum comfort and relaxation!

Wakes you up or helps you sleep

If you have been on a rollercoaster with your inside biological clock, that seems to think nights are for staying awake, and mornings are the perfect time to fall asleep then the right bath can be very helpful for you.
Taking a long hot bath before you go to sleep, will relax your muscles and mind, helping you fall asleep faster. By taking a cold bath in the morning, you will instantly awake, feel refreshed and energized – everything you need to start off a great day!

Relieves Muscle Pain

When you overdo it at the gym, you might not feel it right away, however, the next day can be pretty difficult when every muscle in your body aches.
In such situations, often you find it hard to get out of bed, and getting out of your office chair to get a file can feel like the hardest quest you have faced in your life. If you are thinking about quitting exercising for good after that – don’t!
Your health is important, and there is an easy fix for relieving your muscle pain – taking a nice long bath after your workout session. When the temperature of your aching muscles is increased it blocks the pain sensors and induces pain relief.
However, if you are an athlete – forget the warm bath and throw yourself a cold one instead, because it will help you build up your muscles more easily, ultimately increasing your endurance and lowering your recovery time.


Now that you know all the nifty benefits of taking a bath, you know that taking baths is not only for pampering yourself. So, fill up the tub with water, relax, enjoy, and nourish yourself!


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