About Us

The Beginning

A couple of years ago, I was taking big steps forward towards reaching all of my desires. I had a full-time job, worked on building my business, and moved around the world. On top of it, I never lost track of my social life, so I did all I could to nurture the relationships with my old friends and create new ones in the places I moved to. On the outside, it seemed that I was living my dream. However, all the adjustments I had to make to the unfamiliar circumstances were slowly starting to take a toll on my health. In the blink of an eye, I could no longer enjoy what I was doing. It was during those hard, exhausting moments that I decided to stop rushing through my existence chasing pavements and made it my mission to enjoy life more. So, I started going on regular trips to the spa. In no time, I felt relaxed, present, and I could suddenly see through all the foggy thoughts that stress has clouded my mind with, and thus, understand myself more. Just like that, with this small, but significant decision, my journey to well-being began.

Become a Part of the Journey

Galloping forward to reach your dreams, while desperately trying to keep all parts of your life’s puzzle fixed: friends, family, work, is deeply exhausting and can make you forget that you need to stop for a second and enjoy the moment! Only when you are present in the moment, you are truly living your life and appreciating your existence. You can find many ways to reach mindfulness, but I tried them all, and I can tell you, nothing is as fast and easy as taking a relaxing bath. Studies show that people are wired to feel the stress melt away when they are around water. Even sitting on a shore can do the trick. But a warm bath that improves circulation and relaxes the muscles adds to the feeling even more, creating a perfect basis for clearing your mind and putting things into perspective. Having felt the healing powers of bathing myself I wanted to help other people relax too. Thus, the birth of Viventive.

A Safe Road to Wellbeing

Wanting to help our customers find (en)joy(ment) in the smallest of things we have carefully designed a collection of luxurious yet affordable products that will turn your home into your very own sanctuary. Most of our products are made out of 100% organic ingredients, and for all that nature cannot provide, we use safe alternatives. We constantly work on improving our offerings and bringing new ones to the platter. So, (over)think no more, and join us as we make you feel good. After all... There has never been a better time to relax than this very moment.