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Make The Right Choice With A Bamboo Cutting Board

For many home cooks, choosing the best kitchen knife is a topmost priority. Some of them even invest a considerable amount of money on this kitchen tool. However, they do not seem to display the same kind of dedication when it comes to the selection of their cutting board.   As a home cook, , you should be aware that, in your kitchen, knives and cutting boards are as important as salt and pepper. Moreover, you should have a good grasp of  how the surface of your cutting board  affects your knife.   Suffice to say, choosing the right cutting board is as essential as selecting the right knife. Carefully selecting your cutting board means ensuring that your knife lasts long...

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Simple Tips To Make Raw Bamboo Products Last Long

A raw bamboo product is free of chemicals and toxins which are used to quickly seal the product and make the surface smooth. As it is untreated,  your natural bamboo product requires proper care to ensure that it stays durable and lasts long. NOTICE SOME SPLINTERS ON YOUR BAMBOO PRODUCT? Unlike other companies, we refuse to apply harmful surface sealants or chemicals on our bamboo products. Thus, you may see natural fibers on your newly purchased, raw bamboo product. Do not fret! It is not unusual to see fibers on raw, untreated bamboo. All you have to do is season the product with oil to remove these stray fibers.   OIL SEASONING TIPS FOR YOUR NEW, UNTREATED BAMBOO PRODUCT Below...

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