What Are Hammam/Pesthemal Towels?

What Are Hammam/Pesthemal Towels?

Have you ever started packing yourself for a well-deserved and much-anticipated vacation, only to realize that you will have to drag your bulky towels with you? They take up all of your suitcase space and take forever to dry.

Even when you are at home, your bulky towels can turn your relaxing bath time into a nightmarish cleanup task because they shed everywhere, and when they dry up in your bathroom, the humidity in the air is unbearable.

So, why should you put up with all of those issues, instead of investing in thin, soft, fast-drying towels? You might be wondering if such towels even exist. They do. They have existed for hundreds of years! And their name is hammam or pesthemal towels!

Thin Beach Hammam Towel

Hammam towels are special and traditional Turkish cotton towels. As we mentioned before they have been around for hundreds of years, but not many people know about them. But, you must learn all about them because they are simply life-changing! At first glance, you wouldn’t even think that they are towels because you have used your regular bulky towels your whole life. Pesthemal towels are very thin, large yet lightweight, and look nothing like your regular bulky towels.

They usually come in various colors, and often they have a design with stripes. Although there are many towels out there that will claim that they are hammam towels, the original hammam towels are made from 100% Turkish Cotton and are made in Turkey. In fact, Turkish cotton is one of the most luxurious kinds of cotton in the world, and its softness and quality are immeasurable when compared with other types of cotton.

It is precisely because of that, that hammam towels are so soft, and perfect for any skin type – even if you have really sensitive skin. What makes pesthemal towels special is that they are very absorbent, you will be dry in just a few minutes, but they dry really fast, even if they are just hang dried in any weather. The ones made in Turkey, are created by a special tight weaving technique that makes them shed-proof.

Hammam Towel

And even though they are above all bath towels, they can be also used as a throw blanket, a stylish shawl, and they are large enough to wrap in any way possible and transform in a fancy beachwear, for every day of your vacation.

When we said they are life-changing, we weren’t joking!

So, why bother your whole life with the regular trouble-causing bath towels, when you can switch to hammam towels and make your life a lot easier?

If you are interested in purchasing your very own, original Turkish hammam towel, keep your eyes peeled, because we will soon be launching a sale!

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