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Bathing myths that everyone should disregard

Bathing is needed for proper hygiene. However, there are people who believe a lot of myths connected to bathing whether they are good myths or bad myths. This post will debunk a few myths people believe about bathing. Many people think that Loofahs are better than soap. This is because many people believe that bacteria tend to stick to soaps than to loofahs. That is not true at all. There is a study about Epidemiology that states bacteria do not transfer bacteria from one person to another. When in fact, that is what loofahs do. Dead skin cells tend to stick to loofahs if they are not cleaned properly. So clean your loofahs and change it every few months. Next...

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Make your own spring bath bomb

Spring is here and flowers are starting to bloom. This is the perfect time to have a relaxing bath with bath bombs. Bath bombs can be a little pricey but no need to worry, this post will guide you to make your own bath bomb. This is not only very easy and accessible but it also adds a little bit of you since you made it for your own relaxation. First, you will need baking soda since it is a key ingredient in making a bath bomb. Then you will also need citric acid powder, if you do not have any citric acid powder available you can use lemon juice or white distilled vinegar. Another ingredient you can add in...

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