Skincare devices you should try

Skincare devices you should try

Hot take here, but I firmly believe that the most important consideration when buying a new skincare product is how fun, exciting, and gratifying it is to use. Hear me out: No matter how great and effective a product is, if you aren't going to use it (and use it consistently), it won't work miracles for your skin. So, if you find it hard to stick to your usual, boring routine, what you need is a satisfying skincare tool to shake things up. As ever-smarter and smaller technology transforms the way we live, innovation naturally translates to an ever-improving field of clever skin care tools to transform our complexions—no trip to the dermatologist’s office required. In this post, we will be discussing skin care devices that are effective and can help you skin improve. With regular use of course!

Facial brush for cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Even though they're known for their ability to deeply clean and gently exfoliate, facial cleansing brushes are unfortunately too harsh for folks with acne, eczema, rosacea, or sensitive skin. That doesn't mean they're completely off the table though. If you have relatively "normal" skin and you follow the directions, facial cleansing brushes can be a nice occasional addition to your routine (especially if you opt for a model with all the bells and whistles, like facial massaging and various exfoliating modes). But before giving any brush a try, it's always a good idea to research and talk to a skin expert. And of course, do a patch test on your cheek and jawline to make sure it's safe for your skin type and skin concerns. Any burning, itching, redness, or irritation afterward (or even the next day)? It might not be wise to try on the rest of your face. If you’re new to world of facial cleansing brushes, it’s best to slowly ease them into your routine (think: one or two times a week max, until you get a feel for how your skin reacts). Always remember to clean your facial brush after every use. Most importantly, do not forget to rinse your face!

Face rollers for massaging your face. The little gadget is most commonly made from jade or rose quartz. Some have two roller balls, and some look a bit like a tiny rolling pin (with rollers of varying sizes fixed to both ends of the handle). The simple act of massaging your face with a face roller has a ton of benefits for the skin. It may even reduce stress and release tension, just like a body massage would. Improves blood circulation in the face. Using a face roller can stimulate blood flow to the face, which can make your skin look brighter and feel firmer. Cools and soothes your skin. If you store your roller in the refrigerator or use a naturally cold stone like jade, it’ll cool the skin on contact. This can quickly de-puff your skin and tighten pores. Distributes skincare product. Rollers are typically used with an oil or moisturizer to help the tool glide across your skin. It’s said this process can deliver product deeper into your skin. Use facial rollers every day for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will notice a change in your face if you are dedicated in using this simple device.

Pore vacuums. Unlike topical skincare products that exfoliate or dissolve the sebum, dead skin, dirt, and other impurities, pore vacuums use suction to physically extract the gunk before your eyes. (If you want to see one in action, the YouTube videos in this story are up close and personal but not overly graphic). Before using the pore vacuum, you’ll want to gently steam your skin either with a warm, damp towel or in the shower. (Although pores don’t technically open, this step helps loosen the sebum.) Then, place the pore vacuum on an area of the skin with congested pores—the nose, for example—starting on the lowest setting. If you watched the YouTube videos, you probably saw that some users saw redness instantly. Pore vacuums are generally safe to use, but be sure to use appropriate settings depending on your skin. In other words, cranking the vacuum up to the highest setting won’t necessarily extract more blackheads—but it may just leave you with your first hickey since high school.

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